Our Equity Derivatives & ETD business is based on a diversified geographical footprint, operating in both emerging and mature markets; it combines our capabilities to develop value-added solutions for institutional customers with structured products aligned with a unique blend of green framework and more innovative underlying assets such as LatAm as well as Santander’s privileged position in terms of credit rating and balance sheet strength.

Our ambition is to become an established issuer in the world’s largest market for structured products and the partner of choice across the entire value chain from trading platforms, buy-side and financial advisors to the rest of the financial community.

Our solutions for you


Our Equity Derivatives solutions

  • Investment solutions
    • Structured Notes, Certificates and SPVs
    • Leveraging and financing
    • European, US, LatAm and ESG underlyings
    • Private Banking & Insurance focus
    • Electronic platform
    • Profile exchange
    • Portfolio hedging & building
    • Dividends management
  • Corporate solutions
    • Stocks Financing
    • Acquisition leveraging
    • Portfolio hedging
    • Dividends hedging

Also expanding into Market focused ESG world products and activities such as:

  • Equity ESG index linked products such as the ones based on Eurostoxx ESG-X where we are Market Makers
  • Issuance of Structured green notes
  • ESG linked Equity swaps, linked to sustainability KPIs
  • ESG Impact Derivatives
  • Market makers for carbon credit issuances under EUAs and clearing activity of carbon credit ETDs

Our ETD solutions

  • A global player with seats on the world’s leading global and local exchanges and CCPs
  • Strong balance sheet and rating
  • Providing execution and global clearing of both listed and cleared derivatives on central counterparty clearing houses (CCPs)-specializing in every major underlying
  • 25 years servicing institutional clients and the Santander group in organized markets
  • Regional execution desks in Madrid, Warsaw, New York, Mexico and Sao Paulo
  • Post-trading, clearing & settlement centralised out of Madrid
  • Developing a truly collaborative experience with institutional customers using technology
  • A top team of professionals boasting over 15 years’ experience in listed derivatives
  • A robust front-to-back technology to ensure that transactions flow through effectively; this proved particularly useful during the covid-related market turmoil in 2020
  • Positive track record in engaging with regulators: CFTC, SEC, FINRA, FSA, CNMV, BaFin, ECB, etc.

Why choose Santander CIB?

  • An expert bespoke, fully integrated service that supports high volumes.
  • Strong relationships with some of the world’s largest corporations and institutional investors.
  • Combining a global presence in the world’s major financial hubs with leading market expertise in our core footprint of Europe and Latin America.