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Global Transaction Banking

Supply Chain Finance


Santander CIB has been providing  Supply Chain Finance solutions to thousands of clients across multiple sectors and geographies for more than 30 years. 

Through our widely-recognized Confirming trademark, we help all types of companies to improve working capital ratios whilst strengthening their relationship with suppliers, by providing them with access to competitive financing.  

Our product variants together with our strategic hybrid model – combining a truly global approach with local expertise in the most heterogeneous markets – enable allowed us to successfully provide solutions adapted to all type of corporates, from local to regional and global structures.  

This, in combination with our longs-tanding experience and permanent innovation-led strategy, have positioned Santander as a leading Supply Chain Finance provider worldwide with a proven track record of successfully implementing best-in-class solutions for our clients and their suppliers. 

Main benefits
For Buyers For Suppliers
Working capital optimization  Early non-recourse payments, reducing the need for and cost of credit insurance 
Flexibility and automated solution   Improved cash flow
Deepens the relationship with suppliers  Competitive financing conditions based on the buyer’s credit profile 
Increased efficiency  Simple set-up and straightforward documentation 
Why choose Santander CIB
  • Wealth of experience and expertise 
  • SCF strategy led by our commitment to continuous product evolution 
  • Ability to provide tailor-made solutions, with a proven track-record of accommodating client needs 
  • Excellent support service for our clients’ suppliers across the whole journey