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How Tech is Driving Change in Cash Management Solutions

February 2022

Corporations in 2021 are looking for ways to use new technologies to improve efficiency and streamline their transactions and treasury processes. Digitalisation will play a huge part in this, as companies refresh their focus on cash management and capital flows as a response to global economic pressures, and search for bespoke 360 solutions. 

In this blog we explore some of the factors that are a part of this, and look at the solutions that Santander Corporate & Investment Banking can offer in this space. 

At Santander CIB, we recognize digitalisation as a major driver of change in the world of finance right now. With hybrid and remote working now the standard, many corporations are searching for a modern accounting solution that unifies all of a company’s systems and data into a single source and offers automation of repetitive and time intensive tasks. When it comes to managing the regulatory and documentation requirements for businesses operating internationally and in multiple markets, a centralised model that can function on a macro-level is truly valuable to treasurers.  

Additionally, the provision and integration of real-time information and analysis is now expected to form a part of these solutions. With the lasting impact of the pandemic and global financial uncertainty set to remain for some time to come, intelligent automation will be central to forecasting and cash flow optimisation.

Underpinning these needs are the questions of cost, and security. Traditionally high costs associated with activities such as processing paper cheques are being superseded by technologies such as Echeqs, while digital innovations such as electronic signature and blockchain are safeguarding against security risks in a relatively cost effective manner. These technologies are seen as cutting edge now, but we can expect them to become standard services in the coming years. 

At Santander Corporate & Investment Banking, we pride ourselves on our market-leading cash management services, such as our enhanced Santander Cash Nexus Transactional HUB. This comprehensive and centralised, end-to-end solution has been designed to optimise liquidity and cash flows through a smart, centralised channel that can handle all of your needs across a range of countries. 

José Luis Calderón, Head of Global Transaction Banking, Santander, commented, “Recognizing that changing the payment platform is changing the heart of the bank, Cash Nexus has allowed Santander to bring the heartbeat and finish line of the future into today’s reality”.

Our enhanced Cash Nexus has been shown to reduce average client implementation time, transaction processing and connectivity by about 70% and increase transaction performance capabilities by an impressive 75%. Our extensive, worldwide retail banking network drives the Cash Nexus platform’s local capabilities across the world and is self-sufficient in implementing new countries in 65% less time. 

Laureano Rubín de Celis, Global Head of Santander Cash Nexus Hub, remarked, “Our customers needed a consistent global platform isolated from so many different region regimes. We are committed to transforming Cash Nexus into a state-of-the-art backbone which gives us the flexibility to face the challenges that lay ahead”.

Santander’s track record of delivering customised technology solutions to streamline corporate operations means that implementation is flexible and designed to integrate with a range of systems, providing a single global entry point while complying with international standards and offering best in class security technologies. 

Carlos Denche, Global IT Head for Global Transaction Banking, Santander, added, “Comparing the capabilities of new system with old one, the new system is much more flexible for operations to configure and operate, providing greater opportunity to run services in a way that accommodates how payments are evolving, readiness of further API connectivity, development of new payment tools, and more aggressive KPIs.”

The whole system is built to optimise your company's cost savings, return and cash flows and offer you complete control over your business worldwide so that you can focus on maximising your earnings.