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Discover Kairos, the power of AI at the service of Santander CIB clients

November 2021

The system draws on our colleagues' professional experience and personal expertise and combines it with Santander’s own internal client data, as well as the wealth of data available around the world to build recommendations for our investors. ‘Kairos’ is able to show how a business is impacted by micro and macro economic indicators and events, and what it’s supply chain and business ecosystem looks like. It is also able to provide a global map of multinationals and their subsidiaries, which are Santander clients, show which products or services have already been positioned and where the potential sales opportunities are.

With this technology, we will be even better placed to anticipate and meet the needs of our clients. We can predict patterns, risks and opportunities, and keep up with rapidly changing events globally, which could affect our investment decisions. By having all this information at our fingertips, we can improve our performance with a better understanding of the market, the client and the services they need.

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At Santander Corporate and Investment Banking we are leveraging technology in many ways, both to improve our internal ways of working and to better service our clients. A core element of this is data intelligence, which can help us to make faster and smarter decisions that recognize commercial opportunities, spot risks and make predictions. In combination with our professional expertise, technology gives us the competitive edge we need to get the best results for our clients, by matching them with the right products at the right time.

One of the ways we are evolving this is through intelligent advisory engines. At Santander CIB we have developed ‘Kairos’, an AI advisory engine which is designed to help our investment professionals understand our clients and markets more deeply, and make even smarter decisions.