Our Export & Agency Finance team identify the right financing solutions to assist our clients in EPC contracts and exports of capital goods and in implementing their investment plans. We work very closely with Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) and Multilateral Agencies (MLAs) in order to minimise political, commercial and project risks. Our global network allows you to make decisions based on the best information and optimises the application process. Wherever you want to go, we can take you there.

Our solutions for you

We offer financial solutions and risk mitigation for all types of cross-border Capex, in all types of markets. With more flexible and innovative ECA and MLA structures, clients have access to longer tenors, as well as larger transactions with better all-in costs compared to other financing options.

We support clients from all over the world, from those looking to trade capital goods to those who are interested in making major investments, across all industrial sectors, including sovereign nations, corporations and sponsors.

Our main products include:

  • ECA Backed Buyer* and Supplier Credit
  • ECA Backed Bond
  • Tied Commercial Loans
  • Multilateral Agency Backed Finance

*For Corporate, Sovereign and Project Finance structures

Why choose SCIB?

  • Capability and flexibility to offer innovative tailor-made solutions
  • Strong balance sheet, sound liquidity and risk appetite
  • A global team of highly motivated and experienced professionals — experts in debt structuring
  • High level of customer satisfaction in the recent past — Santander has been voted Top Global Bank in Export & Agency Finance by 200+ international high frequency users of ECAs