We have over 150 years of experience as a trade bank. So when it comes to financing international trade, you can be confident that we have the solutions to help you succeed, no matter how complex your financing needs or supply chain. Our Trade Finance team has the global reach and deep local knowledge to help you manage your trade flows, optimise your working capital and strengthen your key relationships. Where your business takes you, we will stand beside you.

Our solutions for you

Our trade finance and working capital solutions are tailored to your unique ecosystem, adding meaningful value to your operations. Whether you’re looking to finance your imports, exports or inventories, we can provide loans that are structured around your trade flows, for competitive funding that’s geared to your business cycle.

We can also help you reduce your credit and commercial risk with a range of specialist payment features that help fulfil technical obligations, such as advance payments, and performance and bid bonds.

Our main products and services include:

  • Import and Export Finance
  • Documentary Credit and Guarantees
  • Payables and Receivables

For all your working capital and cash flow needs, our specialist Working Capital Solutions team can use your trade flows to improve financial ratios and optimise your cash flow.

Why choose Santander CIB?

  • One of the world's leading trade finance banks with a global presence, strong local market expertise and state-of-the-art technology.
  • An award-winning range of trade and working capital solutions that can be adapted to your unique needs.
  • Dedicated product, sales and support teams who offer exceptional service.