Our top-ranked economists and rates & FX strategists with solid market experience provide local colour out of our hubs located around the world. We provided detailed coverage of all countries in the respective regions by relying on our fully dedicated teams located in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain

Our solutions for you

Our mission is to provide timely in-depth analysis of the economies we cover and investable trading recommendations in rates and FX markets. We also aim to provide our clients with thematic and customized research to support their investment and hedging decisions in the assets and geographies we cover.

  • Euro Area, US and UK economies: Within the Euro area, we cover the German, French, Italian and Spanish economies in detail. Our in-depth structural economic analysis enable us to make strong calls and provide key insights into the economic backdrop. In this way, we produce high-regarded quality forecasts of the day-to-day economic indicators and a medium-term economic outlook.
  • Rates strategy: We cover EUR, GBP and USD government bonds (nominal and linkers) and linear and non-linear rates derivatives in those currencies. We analyse their macro fundamentals, including central bank policies, as well as issuance and credit dynamics, with the aim of identifying both relative-value and directional opportunities and trade ideas. In the SSA space, we cover issuers such as the EU, ESM, EFSF, EIB and the KfW.
  • FX strategy: We directly cover all developed –country FX markets (including EUR, GBP and USD) as well as the Chinese renminbi. We also cover emerging market currencies in cooperation with our colleagues in New York, Latin America and Poland. The group’s approach focuses on thematic and macroeconomic analysis to identify both short- and long- term trends, as well as opportunities in the FX market.
  • Technical Analysis: Supporting our strategic rates and FX analysis, we use technical analysis to identify statistical trend signals collated from trading activity in order to optimise market investment entry and exit levels and to cross-check our trading recommendations relative to the broader market.
  • Equity Derivatives Strategy: We generate hedging, directional and yield-enhancing strategies on equity indices, single stocks and dividends in liquid names in Europe and the US, based on in-house macroeconomic, fundamental and technical analysis and an in-depth study of derivative market flows.

Latam Macro & Strategy Research

Our in-depth economic analysis enables us to make strong calls and provide key insights into the economic situation. We produce regular reports to monitor the performance of the various economies; we produce forecasts of the day-to-day and a longer-term economic indicators; we build economic scenarios for clients that need them for their business plans; we cover the majority of local bond, FX and interest rate derivatives markets in the region; we provide international investors with access to key sources of local information and knowledge; and we develop quantitative models to gain a better feeling of market valuations and detect market opportunities for our customer base.


Credit Research

Through our highly-ranked credit research unit with significant rating agency and credit market experience, based in our London and Madrid hubs, we provide timely research on the sectors, companies and asset classes that we cover in order to generate actionable investment recommendations and we organise, meeting, presentations, and providing access to issuers.

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  • An expert bespoke, fully integrated service that supports high volumes.
  • Strong relationships with some of the world’s largest corporations and institutional investors.
  • Combining a global presence in the world’s major financial hubs with leading market expertise in our core footprint of Europe and Latin America.