Our International Financial Institutions team specialises in creating bespoke solutions for your bank’s global transaction banking needs. Built on our proven product capabilities, innovative platforms and best-in-class technology, we can provide better cash, trade and liquidity management for your organization. Wherever you want to operate, we know the market.

Our complete suite of services covers all your bank’s global, regional and domestic cash management needs, including liquidity management and working capital solutions.

Institutional clients can benefit from a wide range of cross-currency and clearing services to reduce transaction costs, consolidate operations and expand revenue opportunities. And our comprehensive trade finance solutions will support your trade activities at every stage of the value chain.

Our main products and services include:

  • Cash management
  • Trade finance
  • Liquidity management

Why choose Santander CIB?

  • A leading global bank that understands the global transaction banking needs of other banks.
  • A proven track record that demonstrates relentless focus on quality and client satisfaction.
  • Specialist International Financial Institutions teams with long-standing relationships with over 3,000 banks worldwide.