Due to its balanced geographic diversification and constant commitment, Santander CIB has long been a leader in Research and Corporate access in Latin American and Iberian Markets, providing expert advice and direct market access to our clients.

We believe that great partnerships can have an incredible impact on a business’s success. Our aim is to create relationships that bring value to our clients’ businesses.

Our solutions for you

Our teams in New York, London, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Santiago, Mexico City, Madrid, Lisbon and Warsaw offer a suite of global capabilities, including:

  • Equity Sales: More than 70 experienced professionals in the main global financial centers, distribute our top ranked research products, offer tailor-made solutions to institutional investors and make sure investors are always up to date on all the ECM deals that are taking place.
  • Sales Trading & Execution: With access to a vast array of venues worldwide, our Trading teams, with sophisticated low latency trading solutions, can provide Electronic trading, suites of algorithms and other tools to match each Client's needs, while the Sales Trading teams complete the offering with valuable market insights, color around flow, trading opportunities and other value-added initiatives.
  • Corporate Access: Our dedicated team is actively engaged in providing corporate access to leading investors by leveraging our strong relationships with local companies around the world.  Each event is tailored to ensure that our clients can achieve the maximum value whenever Santander is the host. All this is the result of close collaboration between our Corporate Access Team and our top-ranked research analysts, sales staff and traders.  They all work together to achieve successful company-investor interactions through a range of events that includes conferences, industry-specific events, no-deal roadshows, one-on-one meetings, conference calls and site visits.
  • Equity Research: Global research from more than 70 analysts in eight countries covering over 400 companies gives us unique, in-depth, local knowledge on corporates and the regional economy.
    • Consistently ranked in the top positions by Institutional Investor;
    • Locally based macroeconomists and strategists;

Our mission is to provide clients with company and industry insights to support their decision-making process. We believe that a better understanding of the market leads to more robust investment returns.

Our capabilities and our efforts to help our clients are also recognized by the industry. These achievements highlight the strength of our commitment to delivering the best equity solutions to our clients.

Why choose Santander CIB?

  • An expert bespoke, fully integrated service that supports high volumes.
  • Strong relationships with some of the world’s largest corporations and institutional investors.
  • Combining a global presence in the world’s major financial hubs with leading market expertise in our core footprint of Europe and Latin America.