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WATCH: Financing the clean hydrogen sector

March 2024

With corporates and governments committing to decarbonisation targets, the need for flexible and innovative financing solutions for green projects is becoming more relevant. 

Clean hydrogen is a potential player in this space. While the market is still in a somewhat embryonic state – particularly in terms of prices and demand – it has potential for decarbonisation, bolstering energy security and job creation. 

Speaking to World Hydrogen Leaders’ Nadim Chaudhry, Santander CIB’s Global Hydrogen Lead, Urbano Troncoso, dives into the challenges of being a financier to such ventures, while looking at the ins and outs of electrolysis platforms, and the regulatory landscape for clean hydrogen projects. 

You can watch the full interview below: 


At Santander we continue to work towards our net zero ambitions, having mobilized EUR 114.6bn of our EUR 120bn target for 2025 and we remain one of the world leaders in renewables financing.

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